Sell Car For Cash Tucson Privacy Policy

This page will provide an overview of the Privacy Policy of Sell Car For Cash Tucson. It outlines the information that we may collect during your visit, as well as how it may be utilized. In addition, it will cover items such as how we control the data and how to get in touch with us.

How and Why We Collect Cookies and Personal Information

Our goal in collecting a variety of information from you is to provide you with a great experience using our service. We only collect information that’s been provided by you. This information includes your name, current address, phone number, social media accounts, and other contact details. We’ll then use this information to create your account, improve our services, and help you get the service that’s best for you. 

‌With this information, we can deliver our products and services to you more efficiently, address technical issues with your account, ultimately improving our site, services, and overall user experience. 

‌Other information, like cookies and IP addresses may also be collected to customize your experience even further. For example, cookies make it simple to quickly login and access your account.

Our 3rd Party Affiliates

We work with a variety of 3rd party affiliates in order to continually improve your experience. Your data will only be shared with 3rd parties when you’ve given us permission to do so. 

While we don’t share any personal information with 3rd party sites or services, we may provide links to other websites on our pages. Be advised that when you leave our website we have no control over how 3rd party websites will use your data. Please review our partners’ privacy policies to be properly informed.

Freedom to Opt Out Anytime

You’ll always have the option to keep your information private. Just let us know when you’ve changed your mind, and we’ll update your account accordingly.

Updates to Our Policy

Due to the advances of technology, we may update this policy regularly to stay current. Sell Car For Cash Tucson may revise this privacy policy without notifying you beforehand. Please check this policy and our home page often to stay informed of any policy changes that we’ve made.

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